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Gajeongdong, Seogu, Incheonsi
Date of Construction
24 Sep 1975
Memorial day
22 Apr

Contents of Monument

Warriors of the constellation of the three stars who had the spirit of passion like the bright and burning sun!  There will be divine protection for these 112 soldiers’ souls who died fighting for peace and freedom in Korea.

The Uyldong-Ree Battle

Yeoncheoneup, Gyeonggido
Date of Construction
22 Apr 1966


The Uyldong-Ree Battle (From 22 to 23 Apr 1951) was the biggest battle that the Philippines Army fought against the Chinese Army during the Korean War.  They bravely defended the position against the strong offensive of the 34th Division of the Chinese Army in spring at Uyldong-Ree, located 5km away from the north of Yunchun. They successfully covered the unit located to their right side, allowing them to withdraw from their position to the rear. Afterwards, the Philippines Army evacuated to the rear as the U.N. Forces had commanded. This monument was erected to commemorate the successful battle at UyldongRee.