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The U.N. Cemetery is where the remains of war patriots from 16 nations and medical support groups from 6 nations are buried, in commemoration for their services during the Korean War. U.N. Forces Headquarters exhumed the remains of the dead scattered across Gaesung, Inchon, Daejon, Masan and buried them here on 18 Jan, 1951.

It's the only cemetery designated as the 'U.N. Memorial Cemetery' by the U.N. General Assembly in 1955. 11,000 remains from the United States, Belgium, France, Columbia, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Philippines, Thailand
and many other countries were buried at first, but as most were repatriated, 2,300 remains from 11 countries are currently enshrined. They include remains from Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey, and England.
This place was named the U.N. Memorial Cemetery in the past, but it is now known as the U.N. Memorial Park from March 30, 2001 after deliberation by the Control Committee.

Establishment of the U.N. Forces Headquarters Cemetery
Resolution of proposal concerning establishment of the Korean National Assembly Memorial Cemetery
Resolution of establishment of U.N. General Assembly Memorial Cemetery
Agreement was reached between the U.N. and the Republic of Korea
UNCURK Secretary General starts the management
Transferring management to the CUNMCK (U.N. Memorial Cemetery International Control Committee
Change of name from U.N. Memorial Cemetery to U.N. Memorial Park

Australia 281 Canada 378 France 44
Netherlands 117 New Zealand 34 Norway 1
Republic of South Africa
11 Turke 462 England 885
U.S.A. 36 Korea 36 The others 15
Total 11 Nations 2,300 persons