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Mokdognri, Bukmyon, Gapyeonggun

Date of Construction
23 Sep 1988
Memorial Day
21 Apr

Contents of Monument

Under the intention to protect the sublime principal of the U.N. Charter, we hereby commemorate the contribution of all brave New Zealand warriors who served in Korea.(1950-1955)

Hong Cheun Area Battle Monument

Yeonbongri, Hongcheoneup, Hongcheongun
Date of Construction
15 Mar 1957


From 13 Dec 1950 to 20 May 1951, the 3th, 5th, 8th Division of ROK Army and the 1st Marine Division of US Army, and other units from Canada and New Zealand confronted the 5th Corps of the NPRK Army and the 63rd Army of the Chinese Forces in the Hongchon Battle. They executed their mission successfully and accomplished to secure the battle line in the central part. This monument is erected to commemorate and to cherish the heroic spirits who passed away in the battle.