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Infiltration Tunnel No. 2 was discovered on March 19, 1975, and it is a larger tunnel than Infiltration Tunnel No. 1. It was discovered in an area 13km north of Cholwon within the DMZ. The tunnel even had a large open space where a large number of troops could gather.

It also had three separate exits. About 30,000 armed troops could infiltrate through the tunnel in an hour, and the troops could infiltrate through the tunnel with vehicles, artillery pieces, and even tanks. Again, North Korea vehemently denied of any involvement with the tunnel; however, North Korean defector Kim Pu-Song, who was formerly assigned to the Liaison Department of the North Korean Workers’ Party, exposed to the world that it was in fact another criminal act that had been committed by the North.

Kim revealed that he personally surveyed the area in January 1972 for excavation and also was mobilized for the tunnel excavation project. He actually participated in tunnel excavation which began in September 1972 as a compressor technician. He also brought to light that most of the tunnels being excavated in North Korea are similar to Infiltration Tunnel No. 2. Kim explained that the tunnel entrance is located 5-6m south of a North Korean guard post within the Northern Limit Line of the DMZ and five exits are located south of the Southern Limit Line of the DMZ. According to Kim, only one to two exits would be used during ordinary times, and all five would be used during critical situations.

While inspecting the tunnel, the South Korean side suffered seven casualties as a result of traps deliberately installed by the North.

Infiltration Tunnel #2
Infiltration Tunnel #2