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Byeon youg kwan was a North Korean soldier served at Panmunjom, and he was at an equivalent rank of a captain of South Korea. It is the first case of defection by anyone serving in Panmunjom.

Press interview in South Korea after defection
On Feb 2, 1998, he decided to escape to South Korea while on the night duty. So he stepped up to the 1st guard post of South Korea. He sent his defection wish to the director of the 1st guard post but the director disregarded it and did not make any response.
He was pressed for time, so he made a resolution to cross the border on the following day. On his bed after some more thinking, he thought that early morning might be a better time than late night. On 3 Feb, he came to the South. As there was no hostile response from the South, he continued his journey to the South and finally arrived at Panmunjom.


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