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The Ganghwa Peace Observatory, established in September 2008, is located within the northernmost civilian control line where you can visually see the life of North Koreans.
It is composed of a 4 story building and 1 basement. There are an outdoor observatory, a North Korean observation room, and an exhibition hall etc.


- Observation room: You can see the model for North Korea topography and understand their life.
- The Outdoor Observatory is a place where you can feel North Korea’s cultural ecology up close.
- The Korean War Veterans Memorial Park displays photographs from the opening of the war to the end of the war. There is information about the countries that participated in the Korean War. Also you can see coastal fence.

- All foreigners can apply by one day before.

- Anyone can apply without restriction of nationality

- When making reservation, we need the full name and passport number for foreigners and the citizen registration number for Koreans.

departure from Hotel President 3rd floor "TOUR DMZ"
Ganghwa Peace Observatory
The Korean War Veterans Memorial Park
leave for Imjingak
Imjingak park, Freedom bridge, Art Space BEAT 131 (Underground Bunker Exhibition)
leave for Seoul
arrive at Hotel President

* Schedule can be changed in accordance with the local or weather condition

● Adult: 65,000 WON / Under age 12: 50,000 WON / Under age 2 (24 months): Free
- Fees include round trip, guides tour, transportation, lunch and admission
- Please take a note the cancellation policy: 50% of the tour fee is charged if reservation is cancelled one day before the tour and 100% is charged if cancelled on the tour day.

1. You must come to the tour desk 20 minutes before the departure time.
2. No drinking of alcohol before the tour
3. You must follow the instructions of your tour guide while on the tour
4. There is no special dress code

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