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Slide show briefing about JSA

1. Dress Code

- According to UN Regulations, following attires are not allowed for visitors to Panmunjom
..1) Collarless T-shirt, sleeveless shirt, Tank top, anything similar to bathing suit,
.....(Collarless dress shirt and blouse are acceptable)
..2) Navy working uniform, blue jeans or all types of denim wear
.....(Designer jeans, black jeans and all colors of jeans are included)
..3) Hiking attires and shorts of any kind
..4) Attires those expose entire arm or attires those without back
..5) All types of see-through attires.
..6) Tight knit wear, upper wear, pants, tight fit training wear
..7) Slippers and sandals of any kinds.(Dress sandals and open-toed dress shoes are acceptable)
..8) BDUs(Battle Dress Uniform)
..9) Inappropriate hair style(including excessive hair dying) and too revealing attire are prohibited.
..* Security Escorts from UNCSB-JSA are granted with full authority to discern inappropriate attires in
... addition to the regulations stated in this guidebook.
..* Anyone with inappropriate attires will not be allowed to enter JSA.

2. Punctuality
...Tour will be canceled for anyone who fails to arrive in Camp Bonifas a minimum of 10 minutes before
... the tour starts.

3. JSA-Panmunjom is a volatile area where the South and the North are standing face to face. Therefore,
...all individual activities are prohibited, and visitors must follow the instructions from Security Escorts and
...other guards.